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2018 Social Impact

February 14, 2019

In 2018 we continued to strengthen our relationships with the local community by teaming up with other powerful organizations that dedicate their work to having a positive impact.  We are also very excited about the new relationships we are forging, including the one with the soon to open MusiCorps West, a life-changing music rehabilitation program for wounded veterans returning from war that has already seen revolutionary success on the East Coast.
Our carbon footprint continues to improve on the product manufacturing and distribution side as we work towards eiliminating as much plastic and transportation expenditures as possible.
On a national and global level, we are also delighted at our progress in education and awareness regarding the seriousness of the UAP phenomenon that will encourage informed decision making and responsible policy.
Here is a recap:
TTSA's leadership team is encouraged by the incredible progress that has been made with key decision makers within both government and industry.  The mainstream media attention we have received and the high visibility it has given to our mission, has not only made it easier to knock on doors and have them opened, but has also emboldened influential leaders to proactively reach out to our team for briefings.  And although it is a conservative and typically slow-moving environment we are navigating, we are encouraged by the open-minds and motivated agendas we have encountered.  Our efforts are also being amplified by momentum that extends beyond US territories and into international governments and institutions.
In our efforts to improve in our apparel and soft goods manufacturing process, we continue to work almost exclusively with WRAP Certified Suppliers, who are globally recognized as Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production, promoting ethical, humane and lawful conditions and practices in all of their facilities.
We work with as many local and domestic partners as possible to support our local community and are proud that our current hat supplier continues to be certified for product safety and quality, social responsibility, supply chain security, and environmental impact.
In our retail store, we have eliminated the use of plastic bags and offer paper or reusable bags for customers.  To motivate everyone to use reusable bags, there is a $.10 fee for needing to use a paper bag.
In 2018, we used the most recycled shipping materials we ever have. We have reduced our emissions by shipping orders complete and no longer encouraging split-shipped that use more shipping materials, labor and transportation fuel. We have reduced our need for plastic bubble wrap to protect shipments and have begun switching to recycled paper as filler.  By the end of 2019 we hope to be completely bubble wrap free.
For breast cancer awareness month, we offered a special collection of apparel where a portion of the proceeds was donated to Boarding for Breast Cancer, a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation that advocates early detection and a healthy, active, and sustainable lifestyle as the best means for breast cancer prevention.
During the holidays, donations were collected in our retail store for the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station.  The community was encouraged to bring their donation in exchange for a 10% discount on their holiday shopping.  We also collected donations online.  All items collected were subsequently donated to our local veterans living at Freedom Station and monetary donations went to purchase supplies that are being shipped to troops that are deployed. 
To show our commitment to the San Diego and US military community, we offer a Military discount online and in store year round.
The TTSA team, along with several hundred invited guests and local political officials helped the Boys & Girls Club of Oceanside to open their new Center of Innovation.
TTSA provided labcoats for the Science Lab and have a current 2019 plan for Steve Justice, the TTSA Aerospace Division Director, to provide educational workshops in their Science Lab as part of their new curriculum.  
TTSA is proud and honored to announce their partnership in the launch of MusiCorps West, a division of MusiCorps that originally launched at Walter Reed Military Medical Center on the East Coast in response to the crisis of returning service members injured in Iraq and Afghanistan.  MusiCorps is a conservatory-level music rehabilitation program that helps wounded warriors play music and recover their lives. The organization has been praised for their pioneering work in the field of adaptive music and has helped countless wounded warriors learn or relearn how to play an instrument as a core part of their rehabilitation.   TTSA is honored to be using our resources and relationships to help open the doors of MusiCorps West in 2019 that will offer a life-changing service to the #1 community for returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.
TTSA donated over 4000 meals in 2018 to Feeding San Diego as part of their Month Of A Million Meals Campaign. Our ongoing involvement with Feeding San Diego is due in part to our mission to help our Veterans right here in San Diego.   Tom is honored to sit on the Feeding San Diego Entertainment Council whose mission is to seek to raise awareness of this profound issue of hunger in our region and mobilize the public through his notoriety to join us in creating a hungry-free and healthy San Diego for our local veterans.  San Diego is home to several military bases and thousands of currently serving and retired service members. As a part of the San Diego community, and in partnership with local military organizations, Feeding San Diego seeks to serve and support members of our military and veterans when they face hard times. To meet this need, we provide food to partner agencies and schools who serve members of our military, veterans and their families.

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