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Archives For The Unexplained

September 12, 2019

Our friends at the Swedish non-profit, Archives For The Unexplained (AFU) just released a new book, Files of the Unexplained.  AFU's efforts are extremely important to the TTSA mission as it houses the world’s largest archive on UFOs and Fortean phenomena.  
Commencing in 1973, the AFU library now has over 35,000 books, 50,000 UFO reports, hundreds of thousands of magazines and millions of documents, recordings, films, pictures and objects that have been saved to preserve the history of unexplained phenomena. The breadth of the repository compels researchers to travel from all over the world to study the important collections retrieved from private academics, infamous organizations and from territories including Scandinavia, the UK, Europe & the American continents.
In their just-released book, Files of the Unexplained, AFU’s chairman, Clas Svahn, recounts the history of AFU and the stories behind the artifacts in their possession.  Although it has a focus on UFOs, the reader will find chapters on other fascinating and unusual natural phenomena with rich illustrations and never-before-seen photos.
We encourage all those interested in unexplained phenomena to pick up Files of the Unexplained on their website with the money going directly to support their effort:

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