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The Collection Process

August 2, 2018

1)   What is the importance of gathering materials for general academic research?  

We are using scientific analysis to test materials to help unlock their mysteries and answer questions about them, that for many individuals, have lingered for years. In doing so, we collect, isolate, secure, transport and successfully deliver these materials for further scientific analysis, in hopes of determining the following:

  • Is the material natural, engineered, or from outside the earth or its atmosphere?
  • Is the material ordinary, or does it possess unique properties?
  • Is the material potentially part of some greater exotic technology?

We aren’t here to judge anyone or jump to any conclusions. As scientists, we are objective in our approach and will be transparent about our results whatever they may be.  The research we are doing is like research the government has been doing for years with taxpayer money. We are doing it with private funds from like-minded individuals who share our interest and curiosity.

2)   What is the importance specifically to the evolution of the spacetime metric?

This may contribute to helping answer questions about space-time manipulation and in doing so, challenge or reinforce what we know and observe regarding this phenomena.

3)   Where do we find people with materials or how do they find us?

There has been increased awareness of TTS Academy’s mission based on boosted media exposure, scientific/academic lectures, and word of mouth.  Because of this, organizations and individuals have reached out to us to evaluate potential exotic materials of unknown origin.

4)   Before you retrieve alleged materials, how do you know it’s a credible event?  What questions/protocol do you go through to make sure it is legit?

  • The credibility of the material is established through an extensive investigation. Each piece of material is treated as official “evidence” and afforded all the same precautions to secure the material. 
  • In addition, witnesses and sources of the material are categorized according to their placement and access to the material.
  • The six fundamental interrogatives (who, what, when, where, how and why) are thoroughly explored in each case and the information is separated among first-hand, second-hand, and hearsay. Once all the evidence is gathered, a final determination is made. 

5)   Once it is determined material is worth retrieval, what systems are in place to handle the exchange and transportation?

  • The material is initially tested for any passive or active electromagnetic, or radioactive emissions, in order to ensure the safety of the field team.  
  • It is then isolated and thoroughly documented, photographed, measured and recorded, prior to securing each piece in a hardened case, lined with lead foil.  
  • Hand receipts are provided to the material’s owner and an insurance policy (payable to the material owner) is confirmed prior to departure.  
  • Due to the potential for the material to be classified as “hazardous material”, all material is then physically driven (utilizing a two-person integrity rule) to the TTS Academy research laboratory at EarthTech International in Austin, Texas.  
  • Upon arrival, the material is re-inventoried, photographed, and stored in a U.S. Government approved General Services Administration (GSA) security container, and hand receipts are provided.
  • The material is then maintained in accordance with the strictest practices of evidence handling and chain of custody per Government directives and recognized best practices.

6)   Who owns the materials once in your possession? TTS Academy or the person who originally found them?  

All material remains the property of its original owner and must be surrendered upon demand.  TTS Academy reserves the right to maintain and test material for the duration of the agreement between both parties.   TTS Academy also owns any analysis and media coverage of the material.


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